Lab Blocks

~ Envigo Tekland Lab Blocks ~

A staple of your hamster’s diet which should always be available to them, is a high-quality lab block. At Hubba-Hubba Hamsters we use Envigo Tekland lab blocks. Hamsters under a year old are fed the 8640 formula and hamsters over a year old are fed the 2018 formula. These lab blocks are not available in stores but can be ordered online or purchased directly from us. There is general agreement in the ethical hamster breeding community that this is the highest quality, most nutritionally complete lab block available. Envigo Tekland is a laboratory grade food block which means the quality is high and reliable enough to ensure the nutritional wellbeing of laboratory hamsters for important scientific experiments. Also, the multiple formulas with differing levels of protein allow you to feed your hamster a diet appropriate for their needs in each stage of life.

~ Mazuri Rat and Mouse Blocks ~

You can also feed Mazuri Rat and Mouse blocks. These lab blocks are pet grade, therefore lesser quality, and don’t tailor protein requirements to your hamster’s life stage, but are a good second choice. Mazuri Rat and Mouse blocks are available at Petco and most small pet stores.