Other Safe Wheels

~ Available in the USA ~

Wodent Wheel (Senior, 11” or 12”)

Wodent Wheels come in several sizes. The Wodent Wheel Senior which is 11” in diameter and the 12” version are the appropriate size for a Syrian hamster. These wheels are moderately quiet and are available online only. While this is a good wheel, they have a center axle which is not as safe or as quiet as the recommended wheels. For the cost, I would recommend a Silent Runner or Carolina Storm Wheel instead.

12″ Wodent Wheel
11″ Wodent Senior Wheel

28cm Trixie Wheel

The 28cm Trixie Wheel is approximately 11” in diameter and semi-enclosed.  It is a commonly used and inexpensive wheel in Europe. In the USA, it is more expensive, but still a very good wheel for Syrian hamsters. The reason it is not on the recommended list is that, for the money, it is lower quality and not as quiet as the Silent Runner or Carolina Storm Wheel. Note that the Trixie Wheel also comes in a smaller size which is not adequate for Syrian hamsters.

28cm Trixie Wheel

Kaytee 12” Giant Comfort Wheel

I will just come out and say it… the Kaytee Giant 12” Comfort Wheel is incredibly loud, bulky, poor quality and may need replacing in your hamster’s lifetime. However, they are available in stock in many pet stores and are a good option for those on a budget if you shop online.

12″ Kaytee Comfort Wheel
12″ Kaytee Comfort Wheel

10”-12” Wooden Wheels

While I have no specific brand recommendations for wooden wheels, appropriately sized ones do exist. If you choose to use a wooden wheel be sure to seal the wood with a non-toxic wood sealant so it can be cleaned.