Why Adopt From Us?

The purpose of Hubba-Hubba Hamstery is to provide healthy, tame, ethically bred show quality hamsters as an alternative to pet store animals produced in rodent mills.  As with puppy mills, pet store hamsters come from rodent mills where hamsters are breed by the tens of thousands in horrific conditions with no regard to their health or genetic traits. Many people buy pet store hamsters only to have them die young and unexpectedly from genetic defects. Even a pet store hamster which appears healthy is likely to asymptomatically carry parasites or diseases due to the conditions they are housed in prior to arriving in the pet store. Many of these contagions can be spread to both people and other animals. Besides potentially putting both people and other animals at risk, purchasing a hamster from the from a pet store funds rodent mills, which continues the cycle of inhumane treatment. We are currently the only ethical hamstery in the Pacific Northwest and one of only a small handful on the west coast.

Despite their small size, we believe hamsters can be furry family. We aim to provide the public with up-to-date care information. Aside from breeding our hamsters to be healthy, happy and humongous we are focusing on specific colors and patterns: black/rust/chocolate and yellow as well as dominant spot pattern and rex coat.

Do you want a hamster sooner but do not want to support rodent mills? Consider a rescue hamster! We have adoptable rescue hamsters on occasion and are in close communication with rescues in the Pacific NW. Let me know what you’re looking for and I’d be happy to help find you a hamster!

At Hubba-Hubba Hamstery we commit to always meeting or exceeding the ethical guidelines for breeders set out by the California Hamster Association. Our hamsters to bred to British Hamster Association (BHA) show standards, focusing on health and excellent temperament. To achieve these goals we cherry pick hamsters from the best breeders worldwide and fly them here to add to our lines.

The fee to adopt a Hubba-Hubba Hamster is $40.  Here’s what you get:

  • A pedigreed hamster with a certificate of lineage and phenotype
  • A hamster who comes from a long lineage selected for health, temperament and type (looks)
  • A hamster who’s been well fed and supplemented since conception, handled daily from a young age and is accustomed to family life
  • A hamster accustomed to using a sand bath/litter box
  • Lifelong support for your hamster
  • A care package containing one pound of Harlan Tekland 8640 lab blocks, sand to get you started, treats and/or toys your hamster likes and a sack to handle your hamster in that smells like home. These items do not contribute to the cost of adoption but help ensure a smooth transition for the hamster
  • An extensive care sheet (both printed and digital) covering everything you are likely to need to know
  • A take back guarantee. Should you become unable to care for your hamster, we will take your hamster back (please provide their enclosure)
  • A health guarantee. We are confident that the hamster we send you home with is healthy. However, should any genetic, congenital or other pre-existing health condition be discovered, we will refund your money or bump you to the top of the waiting list for a hamster free of charge.

While we encourage people to source their own cages and wheels, as a courtesy to adopters we offer help obtaining these items at a reasonable cost. We will also custom build basic 50 gallon bin cages for $50 and can sell you new Carolina Storm Wheels for $30 given two weeks notice. Larger cages made from Christmas tree bins may be seasonally available. Availability of all items will vary.