All hamsters require a wheel as they are necessary to their physical and mental health. The minimum wheel size for an adult Syrian hamster is 10-12 inches in diameter with a solid track (no bars or wire). Wire and barred wheels are very dangerous and can result lacerations, foot infections and broken legs.

The 10” and 12” Silent Spinner from Kaytee, which can be found in pet stores, are not recommended. The 10” has a known design flaw which results in it breaking quickly. I’ve had 10 of the 10” and they all broke in the same way within a month of use. The 12” is much sturdier, however it has two issues; the place where the color and white sections snap together leaves a ridge which hamsters can get nails and toes caught in and cause serious injuries. Also, the tension can be difficult to get right; it can either be too tight and difficult for the hamster to move but, when loosened, can fall off the stand and hurt your hamster.