Recommended Wheels

~ Available in the USA ~

Exotic Nutrition 12” Silent Runner

This wheel is a favorite of both hamsters and hamster owners. Hamsters seem to enjoy the size, smooth action, dark colored back and semi-enclosed nature of the 12” Silent Runner. People like that this wheel is very quiet, heavy duty, well made, and comes apart for cleaning. You can expect this wheel to last for a long time and replacement parts can be ordered if needed. The Silent Runner is available online only. These wheels are usually most affordable when ordered online from ​Exotic Nutrition. This wheel also comes in a 9” option which is too small for an adult Syrian hamster. A drawback with this wheel is that it doesn’t drain as well which means extra cleaning if you are lucky enough to have a hamster that pees in their wheel. These wheels also come in wide and glow-in-the-dark versions. Please note the sandy track and auto-clean track attachments are too rough and will hurt hamster feet.

Carolina Storm Wheel

This 10.5” diameter bucket style wheel is completely silent, adjustable, durable and comes in a variety of colors. This is a great wheel with four handy height adjustments and is recommended for any hamster, especially those cages that will not fit the height of a 12” wheel. This wheel comes in a narrow, compact option called the Express Wheel or a wider, sparkly version called the Bucket Wheel. These wheels are available online only.

Wonderfully made bucket style wheels in a wider variety of colors can also be purchased by special request through our Canadian friends at Strong Brew Hamstery