Barred Cages

Barred cages are a popular choice, but unfortunately with the exception of the Critter Nation that requires modification, there are not any available in the USA with bar spacing close enough to prevent escaping while also providing 600 square inches of floor space when measured at the base.  There are multiple cages that advertise measurements that might lead you to believe they meet the minimum requirements, but the actual floor space does not measure up.

While in theory, a Prevue 528 cage can be altered to allow enough bedding to meet the minimum size, in practice it rarely works out and probably half of the hamster owners I have known who bought one end up needing to upgrade to a larger cage to avoid having their hamsters chew the bars.  Bar chewing is often a sign of stress and boredom from inadequate cages and can result in tooth and facial injuries.  For that reason, beginning 10/2022, I will no longer approve the Prevue as an acceptable cage.

~ Critter Nation ~

MidWest Critter Nation Deluxe Small Animal Cages are large, top-of-the line, bar cages commonly used for rats, chinchillas and ferrets with tight enough bar spacing to accommodate hamsters. They do require some easy modifications for your hamster’s safety. Critter Nations can be expensive if purchased new, but the people who use them end up being Critter Nation converts. Check out Cheeks and Squeaks Hamsters’ fabulous page on Critter Nations for more information! We use Critter Nations at Hubba-Hubba Hamstery.